Dragons Breath

Late evening canooing outside Askøy, Norway. Photo taken with iphone 6S, no filter.

Blue Skeecher

Midday driving throuh Krueger national park, this small guy decides to pop by. Canon EOS450D, filtered.

Cape Point

South point of Cape Town. Calm before the storm. Canon EOS450D, no filter.


Renting apartment through AirBnB in Hillbrow, Joburg. Canon EOS450D, filter.


Through the fog in Szczecin, Poland. Photo taken 2015. Iphone 6S, filter.


Aftermath of the feesmustfall Joburg downtown. Iphone 6S, filter.


Outside Bergen I found my solitary heaven at Askøy. Here at sunset, soothing athmosphere. Iphone6S, filter.


Railway through the Cape-Route, CapeTown. Close to the Boulders Bay. Iphone6S, filter.

World at my feet

Salamander looking at the view. CanonEOS450D, filter.


Gdansk, Poland by midday. Walking through the city, water clear as day. CanonEOS450D, nofilter.


South-African penguins, chilling at the coast with some fresh salomon. Iphone6S, nofilter.


Kite's during late afternoon. Perfect day, perfect view. Iphone6S, filter.